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Denta White Complaints & Reviews

Denta White - Utah, Spanish Fork / Free Trial NOT free


I'm deeply upset regarding the lack of return policy and the mis-representation of a FREE trial. Their product Denta White, is not really a product it's a "service" you get obligated to without your knowledge. Once you hit click to shipping costs, you've rendered your rights as a consumer to "100% guaranteed satisfaction". They do not send out email, invoice, nor confirmation for simple logistics like contract agreement, company information, no return policy. Nor, when you receive the "service" (actual product) and cirtianley not when they charge you monthly "service fees"...

Denta White / How I sue Denta White and try to get all my refund


Hi, folks, I would like to share my method about how to sue Denta White if you are cheated by Denta White. You know they are crooks, but they are crooks in a smart way, i.e. they can claim whatever a cunny website they have, consumer should be responsible for what they signed, because it's consumer themselves who missed those important contract term. But they may not be so smart as they thought. Here is something I think I will use to sue them: 1. They have published many advertizement titled "Teeth Whitening During Recession", they can fake a Mom or lady's name, fake photo, a fake...

Denta White - Utah, Spanish Fork 505 / THEFT BY DECEPTION (Denta White)


On 6/23/09 after seeing an "ad, " for a trial sample denta white for $3.76, placed on the edge of an online newspaper, I decided to try. After clicking took me to a page for customer information to fill in, then next page was for credit card information & ORDER button. That's it! Simple! A small box 3.5" x 6" x1" (WxLxH) arrived on 7/9/09 but it did not look like really a trial sample and did not open. Thought they mistakenly shipped a regular product. It is still unopen as of today. Then they debited out of my bank account "Ten" times the amount posted at the ad site for a trial plu...

Denta White - Utah, Spanish Fork / Hidden Subscription


Denta White will automaticaly subscribe you for $92.37 a month if you order their free trial offer. I have currently been charged $277.11 for this FREE TRIAL OFFER. After speaking with their customer service I have been told the only way to get my money back is to return the FREE TRIAL OFFER product after already paying for its shipping and handling. Since I have already opened one of the packagase I will only be refunded half!!! How is that a free trial offer, what a SCAM. Denta White Proffesional Teeth Whitener is a SCAM, SACM, SCAM!!!

Denta White - Florida / No Refund


Company cancelled for me on 6/24/09. I sent back product and they received it 6/26. I was given the run around each time I called or when I emailed I got no response. I sent it with and RMA # and was told no problem I would get my refund in 2-3 weeks. Now after 5 weeks I call and they said I sent back the wrong product???? No I did not. They told me they threw it away and I would have to eat the $78.00 This was for a sample product I was only to be charged $4.95 for. The company is a SCAM.

Denta White / unauthorized charges


Unauthorized charges!!! After an on-line request for a sample which it was clearly stated that I would only be charged for the shipping of the sample (~$4) I was then sent another sample and charged $80 without my approval. I tried to contact one number listed with the product and it directed me to a completely unrelated business number. Then I tried a different number I found in association with the product's customer service center. After a notification that I would have to wait for a rep because 'of the high demand of the product named 'Denta White" I reached a CS rep who...