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Delicious Design Studio Complaints & Reviews

Delicious Design Studio - Florida / Services never rendered


In January 2009, I contracted Jessica at Delicious Design Studio to design my website. She responded straightaway with a quote and then again with an invoice for $325, which I promptly paid. The agreed upon date of completion for my project was June 2009.<br /> <br /> Well, it's almost September, and I still haven't heard anything from Jessica regarding either my project or the down payment I made in January. After sending numerous emails to Delicious Design Studio, I finally received a response back not from Jessica, but from the new owners, explaining Jessica had sold out...

Delicious Design Studio / Poor customer Service


I wanted to have my blog professionally designed at a low cost, and I was very happy when I stumbled upon Delicious Design Studio. Jessica's portfolio looked good, and she was quick to reply to my quote request. Of course I was a bit wary hiring someone thousands of miles away, over the internet, but I put my trust into her. She was quick to take my money (paid Jan. 21, 2009 50% deposit), but soon after that things started to seem not so rosy. I understood that Jessica is a designer with many clients, and thus the waiting list could be long, and I was fine with that. I sent her...