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Delia's Complaints & Reviews

Delia's - Pennsylvania, King of Prussia / assaulted by store manager


My daughter and I were shopping in delia's at the King of Prussia, PA store in July 2009. The manager of the store assaulted us physically and verbally because I asked her to throw out an empty plastic water bottle. I notified the corporate office in NYC and they were very non-chalant about the incident which caused me injuries resulting in ten bed-ridden days. The company has not apologized to me. They have told me to "go to a lawyer." Their costumer service is horrible. They set a BAD example for their clientele of young wholesome young ladies. The store manager was violent and beligerent. Be cautious in sending your young daughters to shop at this store. I would suggest not to shop in this store!!!

Delia's - Texas / Customer Service, Poor Product Advertisement


I purchased a duvet cover for Christmas, which arrived quickly. However, I soon after purchased the insert advertised online and in the catalog as designed to fit that particular cover. This is where the problems began. The item was back ordered, without any notification or date provided as to when it would be in, requiring me to call Customer Service and extract that information. Error number 1 on Delia's part. While I was waiting I noticed that the dimensions of the cover and the dimensions of the insert were not compatible (the insert being far too small for the cover), so I called to...

Delia's - Texas, Dallas / Manager Refuses to Sell


The day after Christmas I was with my family at Northpark Mall in Dallas. The store window was full of 75% off signs. I saw a sweater in the store on a mannequin. When I went in to look at it, it was also on clearance for I believe either 60 or 75% off. The only sizes left on the shelf were extra small or extra large. The one on the mannequin was a medium and one of the sizes I needed. I asked if I could have the sweater off the mannequin. Having worked in retail I know that mannequins are not usually dressed in clearance clothing and I thought the sweater would be coming off soon anyway. I...