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DCS - California / threats

brownpatriciad on May 8, 2012
Terri Moore continues to call my neighbors, my pastor, & my husbands work. He went as far as to threaten my husband with loosing our home and going to jail. I thought that was illegal enough. I have tried to speak with this person since the debt is mine but he will not speak to me without my social security number. I do not give that out over the phone due to past issues with illegal use of my social. Now he will not call me but continues calling everyone else and threatening my husband. I am willing to make small payments but I do not have over $16, 000 to just hand over. And considering I...

DCS - California, Livermore / Rude, Unwilling to help, Abusive

Maribel029 on Jan 30, 2012
Spoke with a Frank (will not give last name) and Monica Hall and they are two of the rudest people I have ever spoken to. Not only was I on hold for an hour!!! When I finally got a representative the greeting consisted of "Frank" I said hello, he said "yeah Frank" then proceeded to not assistance in any of my questions and stated I could speak to my representative Monica Hall who was no better. I asked for a breakdown on my account said doesn't have it and can request which would take 4 weeks, then said oh well what do you want me to do pull it from a hat. Extremely rude and abusive.

DCS / Student Loan Collections

Tonchelley on Jul 14, 2011
I was contacted by DCS to get information on repayment because student loans are in default. I explained to the very nasty representative that I have not worked since January 2011 when I went on maternity leave. She said I don't care that you are not working and go beg from your family to help you pay your student loan. I then told her that if I were going to beg, it would be to pay household bills that are falling behind. She began ranting about me not being unemployed the rest of my life, and who ever I had a baby by should be supporting me, so ask him to pay my student loans. She was just plain old nasty. After she said all of that, I asked her for a donation and she declined.

DCS - Oregon / Non-existent student loan

Harry R. Ketchum on Apr 12, 2011
My husband received a collection notice from this company today; we were astounded to find we owed over $10, 000 on a defaulted student loan. Our reaction was due to the fact that he has never even applied for any type of student financing. This is ludicrous...we are in our 70's and have no intention of paying off a debt we never incurred. The fact that this company can seize some of our income is truly disturbing. We will be contacting them tomorrow, but are quite concerned about the outcome. Is there help available to someone in our position??

DCS / Refusal to accept payment

khogan1 on Mar 16, 2011
This company is harassing me about a student loan. I$ had to drop out of the PhD program that I was enrolled in due to a loss of income. I am unemployed, have had to move back home with my mother who is retired and on a fixed income. I have no other relatives or friends from whom I can borrow money or live with. I have told them that once I get a job I will be able to make my student loan payments. But, they would not accept that. They called and harassed me at the place where I volunteering insisting that I was ‘choosing’ to volunteer. I have contacted my states attorney general...

DCS - California, Livermore / STUDENT LOANS

khogan1 on Mar 10, 2011
I am having a problem with DCS. They continue to call and harrass me day and night to collect on a private student loan. I have told them that I am unemployed, and live at home with my 73 y/o mother who is on a fixed income. I have no family who can help me pay my outstanding student loan debts. I was able to raise a small payment through help of my friends and family to send to them a few days ago, and today they had someone else to call me and harrass me again. I told them that I am still unemployed and seeking employment but they insist that I make a payment. I can not begin to tell what a...

DCS / Calling my neigbor

yes i just had my neigbor come running to my house with her home phone and was telling me there was a man on the phone wanting to talk to me and he had some very important information that he needed to tell me. She was very worried looking. When I answered the phone a man begain to tell me he was with DCS a collection agency and he had been trying to contact me. I right away begain to tell him he was crazy to be calling my neigbor who I have only over the past few months just meet. This is against the law right????????? He had my address so he thought if he found the address of the people who...

DCS - Florida / Not doing their Jobs

I am very upset because, when you take time out to avoid a problem; that is what you expect! Now, I called this company awhile back to get a deferrment(forebearance). My misstake was not making a note of who i spoke with. Anyway this lady claimed that she would set me up and in 1 year i would have to go thur the same process. Little did i know at the time that she did not set me up! Now I was bullied into sending them 300.00 for a down, and they went thur my employer and begin to garnish my wages for $162.00 every two weeks when i was only paying $75.00 a month. I dont like this one BIT...

DCS / Irate Employee

This woman Jennifer Preston is unbelievable!!! My mom receives widow's benefits. Preston was working with my mom to get her on a monthly payment plan so that she could eventually depart from default status with the student loan company. I tried explaining to her that my mom will agree to ONE monthly payment but she can't afford to make the voluntary payment AND still have the U.S. Treasury Dept garnish her SS checks! This is out rageous! She wouldn't let me get a word in edge wise and when I asked to speak with a supervisor she told me NO! I couldn't believe it! Why do...

DCS / Rude and unprofessional collection method

This has to be the worst ### bags I have to deal with in my life. These people should be send to iraq or afghanistan or executed. I would not have any passion for them. They would lied on letter to better bussiness bureau then turn around do another thing. They would give me a chase around the bush and then threatened me then stated on the letter to better business bureau that they did not. The government should stop using these mofo since they are charging them an arm and a leg for their crappy services. I really don't know why our government still use them when they have so many complains.

DCS - California, Pleasanton / Abusive

I recently had to deal with someone at DCS her name is Carol Norris..She is a rude and unfriendly person to deal with. Right off the bat she started yelling at me and telling me that I was basically lying to her when I wasnt and I had no reason to..Yes i did have a defaulted student loan that i had to take care of and I did just so they would get off my back. She would call me at work where they would put me on hold for atleast 20 mins just so they could pull up my file on their computer..I told her that i was in the process of getting this taken care of and she started to tell me that I have...

DCS - Arizona, Mesa / Bad service

I was contacted by a David Wynne of DCS Dental Computer Solutions to have networking done in my dental office. When I interviewed him, he came in my office with his daughter, which was very unprofessional I thought. Also, the fact that it appeared neigher he nor his daughter had bathed or changed their clothes for the week did not give me a good impression. When I told David Wynne that I did not need his services, he became irate, as if on some type of drug (speed I would suppose). For all prospective dentist who may need computer solutions for their office, I highly reccomend the Geek Squad...

DCS - New York / Terrible experience!

I purchased a DCS 5 burner range unit about 3 years ago. It worked fine until 6 months ago when the igniter would not stop clicking. The service people have been here to fix it 6 times in the last six months. I tried to call Fisher & Paykel direct, but hung up after 15 minutes on hold. It is a good unit when it works properly, but fixing it has become impossible. My next range will NOT be a DCS.
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