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DBS Books Complaints & Reviews

DBS Books - New Jersey / Undisclosed and unauthorized membership charges


Just look at the hoard of complaints against this company...they speak for themselves. I ordered a book on line and my credit card was charged for the book as well as separate charge of $9.95 - I called to query and was told this was a membership charge (to what?) - my records show nothing that suggests any further charges. Please don't use this company and if you do use them do not pay for these fraudlent charges.

DBS Books - Florida, Boca Raton / Unknowingly got signed up for book club membership


I ordered a book for 15.01 on 8-17, got the book alright but when my credit card statement came, there was another charge for 19.95 from DBS books. When I called to find out what this was, they said I had agreed to a book club membership when checking out buying the book I got. I did not see anything like that because if I did I would not have bought the book. They did say they would cancel my membership and refund my 19.95. When I got my next credit card statement, there was a credit and a charge on there for 19.95. When I called again, they said they could only do one refund and when they...

DBS Books - Arkansas / Hidden Unauthorized charge


I ordered a book ($16.93), and when my American Express bill came in there was that charge, plus a charge for $14.95 as a membership fee charge. This was unauthorized ... never ever agreed to nor was it ever mentioned . . . When I called the company, they did not want to refund the money, but they finally said they would but that it would take a couple of billing cycles. I then called American Express who told me not to pay the bill. I told them that I read that DBS would recharge the credit card for membership fees at a later date. American Express set it up where they won't be able to do that. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. They will rip you off big time!!

DBS Books - Florida, Boca Raton / Unauthorized &Membership Fee&


I ordered a book from DBS Books for a total cost of $4.24. After reviewing my bank account on-line, I discovered a $19.95 charge to my account. I immediately called the 800 number listed and found that the charge was for a "membership fee". I requested a refund since I didn't sign-up for membership and was told that an email was sent with 3 days to respond and that since I had not responded within that time frame the membership fee could not be refunded. I asked to speak to a manager or someone that could authorize the refund and was told there was no one else to talk to. I was offered a...

DBS Books - Florida, Boca Raton / ripped off


i ordered the book "common sense" by glenn beck from this company for $ acct. was charged that amt. on 7/3...on 7/6 my acct. was charged an additional $19.95...i did not order anything else or authorize anything else...researching the net, i discovered several other people have been ripped off by this outfit.

DBS Books - Florida, Boca Raton / Hidden membership charges


I placed an order for a small $4.95 book through DBS Books. A few days after the order was placed I received and email stating that the book was unavailable and that the order was cancelled. A couple of days later a company called Smart Savings Center charged my credit card for $12. I called them and complained about this charge, in which they stated that it was for a membership I had joined while ordering my book. I told them to cancel and they stated that it would take up to 6 weeks to receive the refund. I finally received the credit on June 1st. As I was reviewing my bank statement I found...