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Dayton Power and Light Complaints & Reviews

Dayton Power and Light / electricity

Aug 13, 2019

I moved out of state recently, I emailed them requesting to stop services and they email me a link, when I clicked the online link it went through to a confirmation page. DP&L kept billing me and is saying you never stopped the service. They keep forcing me to pay for it when in reality I did not even reside at the address. It was due to a flow in their service that it did not went through. This is unacceptable

Dayton Power and Light / What a nightmare!

Jul 16, 2011

On 9/16/10 our power got turned off by dayton power and light our son has asthma real bad our son had three asthma attacks the same day so we had to rush and leave our home to stay at my husbands mothers house. on 9/20/10 i took my son to his doctor for his asthma, we got there at 10:30am his doctor checked him over i told him about our power and he faxed the paper at 12:45 it still took them til almost 12:00am to come out my son had two more asthma attacks i had to have my husband take our son back to his moms til the guy came out to turn us back on. i had to stay in a dark house all alone...