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Aug 24, 2012

This is one of the biggest scams on the internet. These guys HAVE NO LISTS AND DELIVER ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE WHATSOEVER!. It is a complete and total scam. Frankly, I've never seen a situation where payment was made (we are talking nearly $500.00) and absolutely nothing was delivered. Of course trying to get the money back was even more fun. No less than 10 calls and 20 email exchanges later...nothing. Not even an apology. Just a promise of a credit that simply never came. Finally had to do a charge back through our credit card company. But it gets better. 3 months later, our accountant i... - Florida / bad horrible service


Data depot is selling email lists of consumers and businesses. Also provides Bulk Email service. The lists are old and service is horrible. I send out 65, 000 emails, but only 18 where delivered. No stats of bouncing or unsubscribed e-mails. Just pure scam and fraud. They have nice website but they never refund the money. Make sure you read the service agreement !!! There is a provision to bill you monthly until you CANCEL IN WHRITING VIA CERTIFIED MAIL. Be aware. - Florida / Mailing List Rip Off


Several months ago, I purchased a mailing list from Data Depot - big mistake as it turned out - they just took my money and never provided the promised information. Their website listed the data elements they promised and it appeared to be just what I needed. Once I received the mailing list, I found that they had not included the City - certainly an important element in a mailing list don't you think? I contacted them several times before finally receiving a response that there must be something wrong with my computer. Absurd - it was a data file downloaded from an FTP site. Didn't... - Hawaii / Scam


We contracted to purchase names of active mortgage brokers in the state of Texas. We also purchased a email blast. The company quickly charged our credit card. We never received a confirmation email, nor were we able to track who viewed the email. I personally sent out an email to the email names provided and all returned NOT valid. This is a scam. He will not offer assistance, refunds are against company policy. You can't get a call back but can reach Scott if you press ! for sales. This is the only # he answers and always promises to have it out today. Today never came. We lost $210.00...Don't patronize this scam artist. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General in Florida and also the Better Business Bureau.