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DarCars Complaints & Reviews

DarCars / Don't buy cars from them


I bought a 2009 Buick that I am very displeased. 1st it was to be a fully equip car. After driving it home come to find out it does not have options like Satellite Radio nor the phone on the steeling wheel works. It was never made with these features after contacting the manufacture. Three weeks into driving this car, now my engine light came on. Also, after signing all the papers i was told after the fact it has one set of keys. They did "find" another set of keys for me but the auto engine does not work. Will never buy a DARCARS again.

DarCars / Terrible experience


My chrysler 300c sways left&right in any kind of road. I asked the dealer to fix the problem & was informed theres nothing wrong at Darcar Chrysler marlow heights. Warranty, they didn't fix Jack. After having me ask questions on why does the car drift and a bump in the road could make you feel as your going to crash. I have a son that in the car with me and I'm scared for his life as well as mine. Why does the car shake when braking even if you have new tires & brakes. I've kept excellent service and the car is a piece of glossy junk.