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Dan Laybourn Painting Contracting Complaints & Reviews

Dan Laybourn Painting Contracting - British Columbia, Aldergrove / Just the worst company to deal with

Dec 30, 2016

Hi there, my name is Joules. For a while now there have been on going factual statements all over the internet regarding the company Saga Canada, and Valley Motorsports located in Langley regarding various statements that say “ this is a terrible company, this is true. they are frauds, they are crooks, they are thief’s, they are criminals, they are * holes, cheats, liars ETC…..”. all true facts. These statements I can assure you they are completely and utterly true and the proof is in the courts hands now., testimonials that are being said by people customers and companies that use the real name...

Dan Laybourn Painting Contracting / Untrustworthy paintshop

Jan 19, 2014

I recently found the company Dan Laybourn Painting Contracting. I had the dealing with the owner of the company, and he promised to paint my car within short term. Also I paid $1 000 in advance. Later I heard from this man only different excuses and promises, but he made nothing. He took money, but now he refused to return it and promised to make the job. But it was lie. Please, if someone here had the same experience, can you help to return money back?