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DAEKWANG CORP. CO., LTD Complaints & Reviews

DAEKWANG CORP. CO., LTD / fraud scam


Re: DAEKWANG CORP. CO., LTD.                            ATTN. : MR. STEVE KIM / DIRECTOR                            #330, MOKDONG APT. 1415-1205,                            SHINJUNG-DONG, YANGCHUN-GU...

DAEKWANG CORP. CO., LTD / Fraud! Stole Money!


Daekwang Corporation in Korea - BEWARE! BEWARE DAEKWANG CORP. CO., LTD. Mr. Steve Kim, Director!!! Steve Kim is from a South Korea company called Daekwang Corporation. Mr. Kim will write email to you asking to buy hair extension products. He will then disappear and not respond to you once you send the money. BEWARE!!! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT RESPOND AFTER THEY GET IT. The address and contact information is noted below: HEAD OFFICE : 330, MOKDONG APT. 1415-1205, SHINJUNG-DONG, YANGCHUN-GU, SEOUL, KOREA TEL : 82-2-2647-3660 FAX : 82-2-2646-3661 E-MAIL : [email protected] [email protected]