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CTA Blue Line Complaints & Reviews

CTA Blue Line / Rude and discriminatory customer service

Sep 16, 2015

The purpose of this message is to inform of the rude, discriminatory, and unappropriated customer service of the CTA worker who was working at 9 p.m. on the Blue line station on Division and Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago. I asked whether I can be provided with a map because I saw there were lots of maps, and there are never any maps on the train station where I get off. However, the girl answered with an attitude and very impolite “I am not going to give you a map, which were her exact words.” The girl was black, and I am white. For this reason, I perceive her actions as I have become a victim of...

CTA Blue Line / Egregious service


Scarcely a day goes by where there isn't a delay on the CTA's Blue Line (probably other lines too). Today, Feb 20, 2007, approx 8:30 AM, there was a defective Loopbound train at Chicago and Grand backing up trains to O'Hare. There was close to a 30 minute delay before the trains were moving normally. Last week I was on a defective Loopbbound AM train at Irving Park that had to be evacuated before trains could move . That delay lasted 40 minutes. Even when these long delays don't occur there are usually short delays, 3 - 5 minutes, because of signal problems, equipment...