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CRS INC Complaints & Reviews

CRS INC - Pennsylvania, Chambersburg / Rip off scam


A man/boy came to my door selling magazines. I than googled the information and came to a rip-off scam site where other people bought magazines and never recieved their magazines and no refunds.I called the police which were no help whatsoever. I even jumped in my car and followed a few of the boys selling magazines and then called the police with no help again. They told me to call the number which went straight to a voice mail. I never expect to see my money ever again. I just want to warn others of my mistake.



About five and a half months ago I ordered two magazines from a kid that came to my door. I ordered to magazines; one for my daughter and one for my fiance. I called and i actually got a phone call answered . The woman who answered the phone was rude and had no answers for me. After I waited another month I tried calling again. That was three weeks ago and I have yet to have a phone call answered and yet to have someone call me back! How many people have they done this to?!? Why are they still in business?!?

CRS INC - Texas, Aubrey / Did not deliver


The first week of March of this year a Student representing CRS, INC was selling magazines door to door and stopped by my house and though normally this is something I would never do he was so energetic and courteous and full of life I allowed him in and we discussed the idea. My Son is serving in Iraq and mentioned he would like some magazines in his earlier letter so I was about to order subscriptions and this turned out to be what seemed to be a perfect solution. WRONG!!! He took my money and I have no magazines to show for anything. Do not waste your time if you have anyone in your...