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Nov 10, 2014

I wasn’t satisfied with the services from the website I paid money for the package of services, which cost about $120 per month. After that the rep promised to help me with the website ranking, but it was completely useless. The rep promised to improve my website’s ranking, but nothing helped and the rep told me that it was my problem. He didn’t help me at all. Don’t deal with them. / They provide bad and unsafe links

Oct 27, 2014

I paid money to the company in order to build new links, but these jerk created unsafe and bad links. When I noticed it, I immediately returned to the website and started to complain, but the support team completely ignored me and no one helped me afterwards. Stay away from this company, ‘coz you will waste money and time, but in result you will get total scam. Share this info and post comments. It might be very useful. / They didn't return money back

Sep 13, 2014

I signed up for the free summer package from the company They promised full sum back, if I wouldn’t be satisfied or change my mind. I really changed my mind and had some personal problems, so I contacted the rep and asked to return money back. I did it in polite manner, but this jerk started to yell at me and behaved like ###. I was really upset with such attitude and services, so I decided to warn other people as well. Share this info and post comments.