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Crescent Processing Company Complaints & Reviews

Crescent Processing Company - Texas, Dallas / Deceptive Busines Practices


Deceptive Business Practices, contract says they do not stand behind anyting the salesman said, they can change what they charge at any time without notice. the salesman said 2 yrs but in the 21 pg handbook it says 4 yrs. close bank account, complain to FTC, BB Dallas, State Atty General. Class Action lawsuit, Deceptive Practices, clauses hidden in the handbook that are part of the contract. Hope they are on Americas Most wanted some day.

Crescent Processing Company - Texas, Dallas / 12700 Park Central Drive, Suite 1100


Merchant account frozen for several months without notice, continued billing for card security fees/corporate fees/maintenance fees while frozen and approved transactions being held or diverted for over 7 weeks with repeated calls for assistance since August 2010 statement was received - the latest being a 45 minute hold August 19, 2010 and no returned calls or messages.

Crescent Processing Company - Texas / Lies and more lies


I was pressured to hear a sales pitch to take credit cards. The sales person was sent on the wrong date when we were not open and then came back again when we were. He gave me his pitch and I told him I was not ready to accept cards, though I would eventually like to. He pleaded with me to please just fill out the application so that he would not have to drive 30 miles for the 3rd time to set up an account if we decided to. He told me there would be no obligation if we did not want the service, all we had to do was return the card machine and as long as we did not use it, there would be no...

Crescent Processing Company / This company is a complete scam


We will be cancelling Crescent Processing Services for our credit card processing as soon as the contract is up in Sept. This company is a complete scam. We were bound by a contract. We lived up to our agreement, but they have not lived up to theirs. They hold onto funds for no reason. This is so they can draw interest on the money, while you are waiting and waiting for deposits to appear in your bank account. Their processing fees are way out of line, and we cannot wait for our contact to be up. DO NOT CONSIDER THIS COMPANY. THEY WILL DO YOU WRONG, AND THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY WERE PRESENTED TO BE.

Crescent Processing Company / This company is nothing but a joke


This company is nothing but a joke. They promise you everthing.. for example.. they say as soon as you make your sale they will pay that same day, and that is nothing but BS.. it took me 2 weeks to get paid on my sales... also they expect for us to go hook up the machine for the merchant and that is not part of the deal and we dont get paid more for doing it... which means have to waist more gas money and time... this comapany doesnt keeps its promise.. i feel sorry for the merchants that already signed up.. i wished they didnt... they are going to get screwed up...

Crescent Processing Company / Dont use them, don't work for them


I spent 3 weeks working for Crescent and I worked hard and made quite a few sales, now I wish I would have never set foot in any of those business because I have to live with the guilt of unknowingly lying to them. I walked out after I found out that my sales manager was not only lying to my customers when I put them on the phone with him, which he insisted in talking to each customer, but was miss-leading me to lie to my customers. I am a man of integrity and could not go along with it.

Crescent Processing Company / Horrible company, stay far away


Horrible company, stay far away. Sales rep assured us that there was no early cancellation fee, no set term of service etc. Now that we found out that we were being over charged we want to cancel and go to our local bank which has a very good processing center. So we called Crescent to cancel and they told us we had a four year contract and it will cost 495.00 for each terminal, we have two. We looked over the contract and in small print there is a de conversion fee of 495.00. It has no time limit stated. I looked de conversion up in the dictionary, there is no such word. Hopefully with 140...

Crescent Processing Company / Failure to return funds


When I started using Crescent Processing, I was told that all Credit Card transactions would be completed and the moneys in my account in 24 hours. In truth it takes 6 days. I fired them, got out of the contract and started using my personal bank for the same service. When I broke the contract with Crescent Processing They never told me where to send the credit card machine to. I waited for a call, email or snail mail with instructions on how to give there machine back. One day they took $100 out of my account 3 times for a total of $300. I was told that they did this to "FIND OUT IF I HAD...

Crescent Processing Company - California / SCAM


I am unable to use their service because the requirements for each purchase processed is far too cumbersome (they require that I fax to them copies of the customer's PO, my SO, the invoice(s) as well as Proof of Delivery...all for a retail environment). When I complained to the customer service department, they told me that the requirements were due to the fact that the salesman had set my account up wrong and that there was no way to change it now, but that if I wanted to terminate their service it would cost me $495.00. I've reluctantly been paying the $12.50 monthly service fee...

Crescent Processing Company / hidden fees scam


This company will call small businesses on the phone and ask for an appointment. DO NOT ACCEPT! The sales person will come in and give you reasons you cant go wrong with this their machines and say it only costs $6.50 a month for debit machine or chech or credit machine and so on. So i figured what the heck. nope then came the one time $120 fee then came the monthly $20 fee for doing under $1200 sales buy there machine then comes a $98 yearly fee and a fee every time u use the machine, oh and that 6.50 turns to 8.50. so i tried to send the machine back and they said i signed a contract for...

Crescent Processing Company / Unauthorized charges


I agreed to use their company to process credit cards. I was told it would cost $6.50 per mo. and just under 3% of each usage. Soon I got a notice that they withdrew $98.00 from my bank account. A few months of $6.50 or so and then they withdrew $25.58, they explained that I signed a four year contract but could end it for $495.00. I know I was ignorant and trusted the salesman... But I still fell I was tricked and cheated. I never even used the machine, but decided to pay the $495.00 and get out of the mess before more mystery deductions came