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Credit Complaints & Reviews

Credit - California / scam fraud


I ordered the free credit report and let me tell you it is not FREE. I just had the worst experience ever with their company. It is a huge scam. The free trial is for credit monitoring (what does that mean) and for your credit scores. Ii was charged twice 29.95 because i they said that i looked at my credit scores and this is the reason i was charged. SO DO NOT USE CREDIT REPORT>COM DO GET YOUR CREDIT SCORES. This is a huge scam and I wish no one goes through what i just went through when i spoke to there customer service representatives, i spoke to a Heather at ext 636 and Chainti exr 634.

Credit / unothurized charges


I requested a free credit report and i was told that my card would not be billed i go to check my bank account an i see 14.95 deducted from my account from some mini report .com and i did not signup for this credit report monitoring FRAUD FRAUD 07-02-2009 Withdrawal Debit Card / MNI*CREDITREPORT.COM 866-8833309 CA Date 07/01/09 24351789183680458881126 7321 14.95

Credit / Continual billing even after cx


Made the mistake of ordering a "free" credit report online when I was refinancing in December 08. Rec'd credit report and CANCELLED membership within first 30 days as specified in order to avoid being billed a monthly fee of $12.95. Well, I got billed in January, February and now March after making a phone call each month only to be assured my account was cancelled. Today I finally had to go to the bank to have my account number cx and reissued to avoid being billed by these people again. What a scam!!!