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Credit monitoring Complaints & Reviews

Credit monitoring / Refund

May 21, 2015

Someone used my credit card and i reported it to my bank about a month or. More ago. And i even called my score and made them aware i had no. Idea who used my card to get their credit report and etc. But they did. To my surprise. It was one dollar charge only at that time. But now my. Score after i said it was fraudulent and to cancel anything this person did. On my card, they went ahead and charged my card a total of $41. 00 for something i made them well aware before hand! The main ussue im having is i was told by them it had been refunded no problems a week ago by 5 different people and now...

Credit monitoring - Arizona, Phoenix / 200 Gift Card Scam


I hung up on them immediately the first time, then I got called back every hour. After literally 9 calls I answered again. Very heavy Indian accent. She said her name was Carol. Claimed to be in pheonix even though it was a California area code. Suppesedly I was to get a 200 gift card that is good anywhere my credit card is. She asked what type of card I had, I lied and said Mastercard. Then she said I need to verify your identity, can you confirm 5 is the first number in your credit card number (Almost all mastercards begin with 5 so the victim will think they are legitmate and already know the...