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Credit Card Services Complaints & Reviews

Credit Card Services / Harassment

Mar 24, 2015

These people continue to call me to "lower my interest rate" on credit accounts I do not have. I believe they are a criminal organization. The purport to be randomly calling but if I give them a false name, they immediately hang up. They are targeting me for some reason. They answer no questions and refuse to submit any information where my legal representative may contact them.

Credit Card Services / unsolicited phone calls

Dec 2, 2013

This company has called every day for 2 years. It scared me at first, but because our credit card bills are paid off every month, I couldn't figure out why we were getting these calls. I finally talked to one of their "customer service" reps, and she was beyond rude, then abruptly hung up!! I got one of these calls on my cell phone and was given the option to not have them call again, why don't I get that option on our home phone? I am so sick of these calls, letting them go to the answering machine does not work, talking to them does not work. Who do we report this to that will do something about this?

Credit Card Services - Alabama, Decatur / robo calls

Jul 17, 2013

Have received about 50 robo calls in the last year, mostly on my cell phone. They give no option to be taken off the list and always say this is the final notice. The only "option" is to speak to an agent, then the call appears to be forwarded virtually anywhere around the world. Speaking to the agent is useless. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST. The telephone assaults ccontinue & sell their outdated lists to anyone and don't remove names of people who say they do not want to be harrassed! How can I stop the calls?

Credit Card Services / unauthorized telephone calls

Feb 1, 2012

for a yr I have been receiving at least 2 calls a wk from a Co. called Credit Card Services. They offer to reduce my credit card debt. I pay credit card in full every month so have no need 4 reduced rate. These calls come from all over the USA. They are recorded messages & when I continue thru the process & finally get someone to talk to as soon as I ask 4 calls to stop they hang up on me. I have registered with 'do not call' to no avail. This is Senior harassment. This weeks calls have came from 971-217-9515 and 213-438-9366. How do we get these calls to stop? Robt Ackerson 818 n. mclean st Lincoln Il 62656 217-735-1135 [email protected] thank you.

Credit Card Services - Arizona, Phoenix / Unrelenting Pressure Sales


I received an unsolicited phone call from CCS's high pressure salesman about becoming an "associate" with their company. It sounded pretty good, but they had to record my confirmation - and when I asked them how long I would be obligated for if I decided CCS was not for me - something I didn't want to do - they stopped the recording. Then they wanted to call my bank (BofA) on a conference call with them on the line also, and get an authorization to debit my account $495.00 and then they would also charge me a monthly fee of $19.95 for a website they would set up for me. I told them...

Credit Card Services / Phone solicitation


We have received numerous unsolicited automated calls from Credit Card Services on our home telephone number despite the fact that our number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry. On two occasions I have answered the calls and gone through the menu options until I'm speaking to a live operator. During each phone conversation I have requested that Credit Card Services take our phone number off of their calling list, at which point they immediately hang up on me. I do believe that Credit Card Services is a scam. They certainly are jerks on the phone. See:

Credit Card Services / Stop Blaming Others for Your Poor Judgement


I have read these complaints about being taken advantage of by Bank Card Empire. I read that you purchased a plan that was explained to you and did follow through with what you agreed to. I read that you should have not spent money that you did not have or were not willing to work to replace. You could have said NO to the marketing plan or mentor assistance, but, you did not. So, you have received a lesson in marketing.

Credit Card Services - California / Contract fraud


AVOID Intuit and its Innovative Merchant Solutions!! The following are FACTS related to my experience with them: 1) They play sneakery with contract terms. They have a merchant agreement that makes reference to a website document that is loaded with secondary terms. This website document is completely in their control and you have no way to lock in a frozen copy showing terms at the time you sign up with them as you NEVER specifically SIGN a copy of the website document. 2) included in the sneaky secondary terms not called out in the main document that you sign is a termination fee that they...