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Credit Adapter Complaints & Reviews

Credit Adapter / Wrongful monthly charge


I used this company in January of 2010 to try and view my free credit report. I filled out all the information and was never actually able to see my credit report. They also signed me up with another service, 24 hour protect, even though I had denied the service. I called and canceled with both within a couple of days, but Credit Adapter began to charge my account $29.95 every month from February until I finally caught it in July. I called the company and they assured me they would reimburse me for all the months charged and then sent me an email stating they would only be reimbursing me for...

Credit Adapter / Illegally Charged Monthly Fee


I entered into the 7 day free trial with Credit Adapter who then also enters you into about 6 other companies "free trials" not only was I charged $1.00 for each company before the 7 day trial was up, BUT 2 days after I called and cancelled, three companies charged me a total of over $60. When I call no one will stay on the line long enough to resolve this. Of course I have no proof of canceling my account because it's all through an automated phone call.