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Cordia Communications Complaints & Reviews

Cordia Communications / Terrible, and they dont even care!!

Mar 21, 2011

My wife received a phone call from Cordia and was asked if she would like to swap our Long Distance to them. They had a whole line of how great it was, that their bill for long distance would be on my current providers bill. My wife accepted. After 1 month the phone service was cut off. I called our carrier (Verizon) and was told that Cordia had completelY taken over the phone number and it no longer belonged to Verizon. I called Cordia( what a disgusting experience). I was told what i needed to do to restore service. I complied while on the phone with them and satisfied their requests. They...

Cordia Communications / Stay away


For the last month I have been receiving telemarketing phone calls from this rip-off company. Every day, 3x a day. When will they stop. I told them to stop and still they call. I am on a no-call listing for solicitors yet they still call. Time for the FCC to step in and fine them big $$$ for their bogus services. They are a pesky nuisance, just like a fly. They refuse to leave a message on my answering machine. Cordia is making me very pissed off and I am considering taking legal action if this company continues calling me.

Cordia Communications / Worst phone company ever


I have two business phone lines with Cordia. About a month ago, I moved my office literally up the hall from where I had been. Despite Cordia's promise that my service would not be disrupted, for a full week I had no phone service for my law office whatsoever. Now it is a month later and I finally have me a dialtone on my second line. But they forgot to set up the 1st line to hunt for the 2nd line, so the 2nd line is useless. That would be bad enough, but their customer service is horrific. You have to go through an 800 line to India, where the customer service reps know nothing and put...

Cordia Communications - Florida, Winter Garden / Disctimination


Cordia Communications, whose corporate office is in White Plains, NY, at one time employed over 50 hard working Americans at its Winter Garden, Fl location; most of which were African American. Several months ago, the company began out-sourcing to the Philippines, causing those employees to lose their jobs during a time when every penny counts. The question is which employees are being laid off and why? One would think the employees with the attendance problems, disciplinary problems, or low productivity would be the first to go. That is simply not the case. Under current management in Winter...