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Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery Complaints & Reviews

Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery / Breast Augmentation

Dec 05, 2013

If I could give less than 1 star I would. I had a breast augmentation done at Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery May of 2012 and at first my breasts looked great as they were setting in, no tightness of the skin everything looked perfect. They healed very quickly as well but a couple of months after the surgery I began to realize that my skin had stretched tremendously and I was given a way larger implant than I had asked for. In my consultation I asked Dr. Hunsaker for natural looking full C's and now I had DD's. My breast are completely ruined if I lift up my arms you see the outline of...

Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery - Florida, Miami / Breast Implant

Aug 07, 2012

I did my breast implants in Coral Gables Cosmetic in Miami because of the price they advertised $2800 I had it with Dr, Craft everything on surgery went fine, after I went back for my follow ups I noticed that one of the implants left breast was like 1/2 half inch lower than the other one, the "doctor" that see you for the follow ups is not the same doctor that does the surgery and it doesnt look like a real doctor, I requested to be seeing by my surgeon doctor but they said he wanst there all the time I have to make an appt to see him, something that for me was so weird that surgeon doctor...