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Cookeville Honda Complaints & Reviews

Cookeville Honda / Screwed me big time

Mar 16, 2012

I contacted Cookeville Honda via phone about inexpensive truck for sale. Salesperson Braden was nice enough to send photos of truck in question. He asked me to call him when I received photos via my phone. I liked what I saw and called Braden. He asked what I would be willing to pay $2, 000.00 out the door was the reply. Braden told me that should be no problem. My reply was I would call him in the afternoon when I knew when we would be able to come get the truck. Braden replied that he would wait for the call and verify the $2, 000.00 out the door sales amount. Our call in the afternoon...

Cookeville Honda / Sell defective vehicles


Entered dealership on 12/26/06. Found 03 Honda Pilot, and negotiated. 5 hours later contract finished, and drove vehicle home. Noticed large dent under rear hatch and returned to dealership. Discovered contract was inaccurate by 1000 miles with odometer statement, and veh. had other problems not disclosed to me earlier. Rescinded contract. 12/28/06 returned to dealership with offer from sales mgr. to rectify and find acceptable veh. and transaction. 5 hours later, multiple errors with veh. and dealer prep., I drove home. Discovered same error AGAIN with odometer statement, and now I wish to cancel all contracts with Cookeville Honda. Ineptitude.