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Contra Costa Times Complaints & Reviews

Contra Costa Times - California, Concord / Daily phone calls


I just got a new telephone landline and starting on DAY 1 I started getting unsolicited phone calls asking me to take the paper. I ignored them for a while, but since I work at home, the phone calls got really annoying. I finally started answering. The man informed me that they were going to send me the Sunday paper for 4 weeks for free. I said, ok fine. Thanks, bye. But of course that wasn't the end of the call. He continued. Then said they were going to charge me after the 4 weeks. I told him that I didn't want the paper even if it was free if I was going to have to remember to...

Contra Costa Times - California / Phone calls EVERY day


I have never come across a more poorly run company. They are uncapable of taking me off of their call list, and call me EVERY DAY! I have been calling them since August 2008, to tell them that they need to stop calling me. Everyone tells me that they will take me off the list, and then the very next day I will get my daily phone call. It's bordering on harrassment, and I'm going to get in touch with the police to see if there is anything I can do about it. I've reported them to several times, but it obviously means nothing to them, and they are comfortable with breaking the law. My advice is: DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER CALLING or EMAILING ANYTHING TO THEM!!!

Contra Costa Times - California / Harassing phone calls


I am also having a problem with the Contra Costa Times. I suscribe to the Daily Review Newspaper and tried to renew my suscription via the website with no success (due to admitted problems with their website). The CC times called me on 10/11/08 and I paid via telephone. Not sure what they did with my Credit card info. Then on 10/18/08 some man with a personal cell phone called and left me a voice message, said he wants to come to my house to get the money for the newspaper suscription. I call him back and tell him I already paid, he says there is no indication of my payment. I tell him not to...