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Consumer Reports Complaints & Reviews

Consumer Reports / Charges for unknown internet subscription

Jan 20, 2012

Consumer Reports have been billing my credit card for a monthly subscription on line. I was told it kept going every month unless it was cancelled. I do not have a copy of any confirmation or the monthly notifications they said they always send. They agreed to stop it for this month and onward but I feel i should be reimbursed for the months I paid 5.95 per month for a subscription i did not use. It started in October of last year. I told them I was looking at cars that month and may have thought I was paying for just that month, although I am not 100% about that. If I had at least gotten my...

Consumer Reports - New Mexico / did not recieve$100.00credit voucher

Mar 4, 2011

Ipurchased a $100.00 credit voucher from consumer reports and never recieved it. I was provided a phone of 877-456-6289 to contact if I did not recieve the voucher.I called this number 11-16-10 1-10-11 and 2-15-11.First two phone c alls I was told They were running late, Last call I was told the would re-send the voucher.. I HAVE YET NOT RECIEVED IT! I have tried many times to recall the phone number, but I get a busy signal. Is this a scam or can you fix it?

Consumer Reports / Bad service

Va website has no directions or help to subscribe to their website, also all of their phone numbers turned out to be wrong that were on the website no calls were allowed to go through using a pay phone, the website was locked down and very hard to use, I have considered not using consumer reports or their magazines the phone number listed in the back of the CR 2017 buying guide listed phone number 1800 348 1807 which is not currently active, lost sales due to no phone numbers avail to customers, please update the website with correct phone numbers.