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Consumer Financial Advisory Board Complaints & Reviews

Consumer Financial Advisory Board / They lied to the BBB about my case

Nov 17, 2011

I agreed to their services for a $995 fee on 7-3-09. After seeing all the bad reports on them I requested a refund on 7-5-09. They have lied to me about working diligently to get my money back.They lied to the BBB about my case. At first Francine Riale said it COULD take up to 90 days to process my refund. Then it became 90 business days, but they have shut off all contact with me months ago. They stole my money. BEWARE!!! I have numerous emails to back up every word I have said here.

Consumer Financial Advisory Board - Florida, Florida City / they robbed me


this company promised to help to schedule & clear my credit card debts. 895$ o.k. they took the money and ran. they never worked with me at all. i call constantly, only to be dismissed and lied to. after many months of incredible frustration, i asked for my money back. they have changed their phone number and continue to run from my calls and e-mails when i do finally get through to them. i'm a single mother doing the best i can. i needed honest help. now, i'm worse off then ever. it's terrible when a person gets scammed so blatantly and no way to get help. it feels hope-le...

Consumer Financial Advisory Board - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh / scam


I fell prey to this company while going through a divorce in February 2008. They failed to save me the $3, 000 as guaranteed and I was told I would receive a refund of the $895 charged on my credit card after 90 days. 90 days past and I never saw the refund. What I did receive was a run around for 10 months. I finally contacted the attorney general's office. The attorney general's office was told that my case was being reviewed by their lawyers. The agent working on my case was sent a copy of a check made out to me for $895 in November. I never received this check. Now I'm told...

Consumer Financial Advisory Board - Florida, Clearwater Beach / Ripped me off


These people promised to save me money, when their end of the aggreement did not come through after takin 1600 dollars of my money. "stupid me" they said to me in 90 days I would get a refund. will its been 120 days and no refund, I have contacted them almost everyday, Now they tell me that I dont qualify for a refund, These people are scamm artist, they know how to make money by knowing all the loopholes in the business. if someone from this company reaches you, you need to hang up and call the federal trade commision. business like these should not be in business. they take advantage of good people.

Consumer Financial Advisory Board - Nevada, Sparks / Failure to refund


I have been trying since January 2009 to obtain a refund of $895 from Consumer Financial Advisory Board in Clearwater, FL. They keep lying to me and telling me that they will refund my money but never do. The latest episode was in May. They told me that they were under NEW management and processing and paying refunds was a priority of their new management. They sent me a Refund Request Form to fill out and return to them. Once they received it, they called me and told me that my refund would definitely be refunded withion 90 days. That was on June 19th. This is after I had already been...

Consumer Financial Advisory Board / Fraud and lies


I use to work at Consumer Financial Advisory Board. This company is a HUGE scam, and RIP OFF! They do NOT save you money, or lower your interest. They tell you they will, but they actually set you up with a financial plan, to save you money. But it actually sets you up for failure! They discriminated against me for being a teenager, and a lot of other things. Whenever they would ask me to stay late and work for 2 more hours, I would do it. And one day I had to be somewhere at 6 in South Tampa, it's about a 45 minutes to an hour drive. My manager asked me where I had to be (keep in mind...

Consumer Financial Advisory Board / Unauthorized charges


After being put in a very precarious financial situation by an ex (stupid me I understand) I was very susceptible to 'help' from finance companies. Foolishly, I thought that Consumer Financial Advisory Board LLC would solve some of my problems. Consumer Financial Advisory Board LLC promised that with my payment of $795 (which could of course be charged immediately to my credit card) I would be given the advice and assistance of CFAB's specialist to create a personalized financial system to help me. I would be shown, within 30 days of my payment, how to save at least $1500 on my...