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Conquer online Complaints & Reviews

Conquer online / scamming more money

Oct 10, 2011

Been banned on all characters on the game because supposedly botting, spent ove £8k on it and stopped spending so much as not got the money, now they banned them and releasing them to botjail where i have to pay £10 or so just to get one char out and got 30 chars. They say had them all on at once all on the same computer, which is a lie as got more then one computer and don't have them all on at once. Already had to pay for 3 of them before because they did a similar thing, and yet they say i had them all on at once. My firewall log states that they never even checked the...

Conquer online / Non buyers - Buyers inbalance


Several years back Conquer Online (online role playing game) was a free game for all people to play, eventually TQ digital bought the game rights and began changing the game for there own benefit (firstly yes they are entitled to making money from the game, but it is there approach which has stirred alot of commotion within the community). in Conquer Online a dragonball is a rare item which allows the discoverer the ability to upgrade the quality of there items, a gem is a rare item which allows the discoverer to combine the gem to an equipment which has a slot, this gem offers a bonus to the...