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Condor Security / False job ads/unprofessional staff

Jun 06, 2015

Do not work for this company the company has very rude staff when it comes to supervisors or acting sups a girl was put as acting sup when she has less then 3 years exp the girl does not answer the radio or phone period. the uniforms are a joke . YOU DONT GET YOUR REAL BADGE UNLESS YOUR FULL TIME OR AFTER 90 DAYS THE Sgts LIE TO U AND SAY THEY HAVE NO HOURS WHEN THEY DO THIS COMPANY IS AA BAD ONE

Condor Security / Shady company

Nov 23, 2014

Hello every one be careful when applying to this company they don't give u job offers they pretend to offer u a fake position with a shady pay rate and no proof of the job actually happening the company does not offer you any thing and they tell u one pay rate and it ends up being some thing else u don't want the company wont tell u any thing about them or the site u work at period, they don't answer there messages or phone calls txts ect it seems to be very odd to me that this is all going on at once. I interviewed with the company yet the supervisor was late and didn't...