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Complete Home Complaints & Reviews

Complete Home - Connecticut / credit card charge

Jun 22, 2011

Noticed a charge on credit card for 139.99. Called number to find out I had cashed a check which enrolled me in their membership and this was a renewal. I have been a member since april 2009 and didn't know it! The credit card transaction description:TLG*COMPLETHME followded by a seven digit membership number and their phone number. I called and they canceled the membership (the girl seemed anxious, probably has had a lot of irate consumers to deal with). They cancelation was prorated so I got back 127.68. What a scam! And I am a dummy for not checking my charges more closely.

Complete Home - North Carolina / Unauthorized Transaction


I recently was charged 99.99 on my HSBC Credit Card for a membership to Complete Home. I called Complete Home and they informed me that HSBC sent out a Claim Card for a $40 "Bill Figher" and that I filled out the card and mailed in, which authorized a 99.99 membership charge to Complete Home. I never received this Claim Card, and never filled out and sent back. When I called Complete Home, the customer service representative didn't even sound surprised that this happened. They gave me a cancellation confirmation, and I asked if the charge would be cancelled, and the representative would not confirm. Has this happened to others, and how do I get rid of this charge?