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So I posted what information I could find about this store after they charged my credit card and never shipped my shoes. Actually, looks like a lot of people are having the same problem. Anyway, John from emails me telling me that I'm a liar and the information is not true. Nice way to take care of customer service! Look, the deal is that I ordered shoes on their website, and they never shipped the shoes, kept saying theyre delayed, but they charged my credit card anyway. I shop online all the time and my credit card is never charged until the stuff ships. From what... - New York, New York / charged credit card but didnt ship shoes


SCAM!!! Stay away! They will charge your credit card, tell you the order will ship in a few days, then tell you its backordered. Then 2 or 3 months later youll never get your shoes, have to spend an hour on the phone with your credit card company to get your money back! I dont no how these people are still in business! I'm complaining to yahoo two because they say something about a yahoo store on their website. They suck and should be shut down. Read the reviews and everyone has the same problems. The people that say they have good service must be lying or very lucky! It took me a while...