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Colgate Complaints & Reviews

Colgate / ad of colgate

Sep 08, 2018

I am from India. Colgate is a good product, but the TV ad of colgate is the same old one since years. Also, it is similar to that of sensodyne. I conducted a survey regarding toothpastes, and found that consumers didn't find the TV commercial of Colgate that attractive. I wish a new commercial is out where they use some cartoons or good songs and something new. The old ads of Colgate were so creative and a delight to watch!!

Colgate / unethical advertisement

Feb 09, 2018

In the Colgate ad at 22.15 on 7 Mate the ad depicts a girl on a train being accidentally bumped into a young man in front of her in such a way that her breasts touch his chest. The idea seems to be that she or he or both might breathe on the other so that it is important that they both have sweet breath. However, the breast contact is used as the vehicle to portray their closeness to one another, which I am convinced pushes beyond the boundary of what is acceptable. As the said vehicle it is also thematically irrelevant. I think it sad that your channel is prepared to approve of and use for...

Colgate / not hiring candidates who have done graduation through correspondence course

Apr 26, 2017

Hi Sir, I am writing a compaint about Colgate company as they are not hiring candidates who have done graduation from distance education. I received call from the consultancy for job in Colgate however, the consultancy people informed me profile is suitable for the opening however, since you have done correspondence course you are not eligible to work with COlgate. My complaint is not to judge candidates on regular collge going student and distance education student. The selection should be on the basis of the knowledge and experience. who know the person who have done correpondence course may...