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Sep 07, 2014

I went to the website, ‘coz I needed to learn more about coding and computer science. I filled the form and got reply from the staff. They promised that my teacher would contact me within couple of days. After 5 days I got nothing from them. I decided to ask them about it, and when I got the reply, I was really disappointed. The rep told me that all teachers were busy and no one could help me, but he said it in very rude and unpleasant form. I don’t know what happened with them. Post comments about this website. / Moderators didn't help me

Jan 16, 2014

I recently registered on the website, which allowed to create interactive games, apps and website. I created my profile and decided to join one community. I tried to create the interactive game, but my experience was unsuccessful, because the website didn’t provide any tutorials, and the moderators didn’t help you or answer your questions. It was impossible to reach someone from this website, they didn’t communicate at all. Please leave your comments about this website.