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Cloncom Complaints & Reviews

Cloncom / international calling cards

Oct 27, 2018

I was charged $ 30:00 without my knowledge, I have been trying to contact them but can't get on the website to cancel my account. This is froud to charge me without my askeing. I have been using Clocom for international calls and always been able to go online for recharge but this time they charged my account without my permission and now I would like to cancel but can't get anywhere on they website. Maria

Cloncom / Ripoff?


I've used Cloncom for years, and they used to be a wonderful company. Their rates were excellent and I could reach them directly and quickly by phone. Today when I tried to use my card, an automated message said my account has expired - even though it says on the cloncom site that I have over $11 still on the card. I've sent emails and a fax and have had no reply. I wonder what happened - were they bought out?