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Click Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Click Marketing - England, Dorset, Poole / scam

Sep 08, 2011

My business folded because they stole money out of account. I phoned them after seeing an ad for a £100 website, so I called them they offered me a website for 39.50. I asked them why was it so cheap. They said it was a promotion, so I gave them my card details. They cleared my account. I called my bank to which they said get a lawyer, so did trading standards. I have written to the Sun newspaper I ask everybody do the same, hopefully someone will stop these people and hopefully no one else's business will fall foul.

Click Marketing - England, Dorset, Bournemouth / Illegally taken money from business account

Jul 15, 2011

We have been dealing with Click Marketing over a year now, they are a nightmare! We originally thought we were getting a website for £499. Paperwork/contract never arrived but this didn't stop them from taking out over the stated amount from my business account on 5 separate occasions over the summer of 2010. Chased on numerous occasions for paperwork. At the same time the website was unfit for purpose and the grammar and spelling was terrible. To top it all, they took a further £600 out of my business account again April 2011. We have since taken legal advice from the FSB and...

Click Marketing - England, Dorset / Illegally taken money & terrible service

May 17, 2011

This company has been a nightmare from start to finish. They took money from my account on 3 occasions without my permission, the invoices which I finally got out of them were all incorrect. They never answer my calls. The web site is truly awful - full of spelling mistakes and the basic grammer is laughable. I have written, phoned, e-mailed on so many occasions I have lost count. They just stall, and have only agreed to repay the money they owe me when I threatened legal action. No apology, no explanation - horrible. Its not in my account yet - we'll see if it actually gets there. The web site cost a fortune and is definitely not worth it.

Click Marketing - England, East Midlands, Leicester / unautherised transcations

May 15, 2011

Click Marketing are a conn artist - i authorised a one off payment and since then they have taken two other payment in total of £1000.00 out of my bank account within in three days. I phoned after the first unauthorised payment had been taken out of my account which was within my cancellation time to cancel this i got told i had to but this in writing by email which i did and still no response then they have taken another amount from my account. i am also going to trading standards as after looking into to this I am not the only person who has had this expericence with this company. I...

Click Marketing - England, Dorset / unautherised transactions

May 11, 2011

Wasn't happy with service that they provided so decided to activate my 60day notice they had promised me. Called and emailed the company to cancel and they informed me that there would be some cancelation fees, at this point i has already paid for 2 months upfront and was with the company for about 10days so was expecting to have to pay a few days for my 60day notice. This was not the case, The next day the company tried to take £1500 from my bank which was refused so they took 2 lower amounts of about £950 and £150. Tryed to complaine by phone but every time i called...