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Clearbreeze Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Clearbreeze Solutions / Fraud and scam


On July 18 of 2008, ClearBreeze Solutions took $990.00 out of my credit card account. I assumed they wouldn't take out any money until I sent them the information on the accounts that were to have the interest rates lowered. I decided not to go ahead with this program and didn't send them any information. I wasn't aware that they took out the money immediately. I called them a couple of times and they didn't return the calls. When they finally did call, the person I talked to started raising her voice and so did I. She said I didn't follow their protocol by answering...

Clearbreeze Solutions / Services not rendered


On July 14, 2008 I received a phone call telling me how I can lower my interest rates. So, naturally I was curious. I agreed to try this company out because I like many others I am in need of financial stability. They took my information including credit card information and charged my credit card in the amount of 990.00 dollars. I feel before they charge you they need to do the work. I received in the mail a letter of congratulations and was told to submit more information via internet, mail or phone. I tried to submit the information that was asked but the only thing the website let me do i...