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Clear Debt Results Complaints & Reviews

Clear Debt Results - Texas, Irvine / Company out of business


This company is no longer in business, I tried getting in contact with them but no response. I was not even notify of this change, i was notify by my creditors. I have paid upfront legal fees of $1121.85 and they have not done anything for me. I would really appreciate if you can assist me in anyway to recover these legal fees so i can get another company to help resolve this matter. Thank you in advance. Yours Truly Rohan Persaud

Clear Debt Results / Unauthorized charges


I signed up with this company after setting up an account so they could take 120.00 a month out of my checking account; this was to pay for my credit cards and a little bit for them every month for about 3 years and then I would have my cards paid off. I told them I wasn't working and this would be a struggle but I would do it. I wanted to get back on track desperately. They took 120.00 of my account and after paying 900.00 I realized they did not pay no bills but kept all the money for themselves. Creditors started telling me that clear debts wouldn't talk to them thats when I...

Clear Debt Results - Texas, Irving / Terrible customer support service!


I got into credit card trouble between jobs. I was approached by a Kevin Farr from Clear Debt Results. After several phone conversations and doing some research, I decided to listen to what he could do for me. I told him all of the specifics and he said they could help me. He specifically said that they had a good working relationship with all of my creditors. I checked further and all seemed ok so I signed up. After I signed up, I was instructed to change the mailing address on the cards in question to CDR's address and to give them power of attorney. I gave them power of attorney but I still...