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Citi Cards Complaints & Reviews

Citi Cards / site for bill paying

Feb 26, 2019

Tried to pay my credit card bill on line. Could not get it to accept payment. Called # for help. Was told there was problem with user ID. Managed to change user ID. Attempted to pay. Was told I needed to again set up account with bank. I have been a customer for many years. Accessing my on line account has been always difficult and I have often had my password refused and had to change it. I'm still unable to pay bill.

Citi Cards / citibank's refusal to cancel an account

Oct 27, 2011

My father suffered a severe stroke & was hospitilized on 06/28/09 in Sylmar, CA. This was a sudden and he has been diagonosed with severe demenita & is unable to make decisions on his own. He is not capable of appointing Power of Attorney, and as his oldest child assumed responsibility for his care. I had his address changed to mine (I live in WI) and have been receiving his mail. I recently received a letter from Citi Card advising that of 04/01/10 a $60 a year fee would be charged to his account unless he charged up to $2400 a year (an approximate $200/month spending). I sent them a kind...

Citi Cards - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / usury, deceitful business practices


In august, for the first time in my relationship with citi cards, I was one day late with my monthly payment. Not only did they charge me a $39 late fee, they tripled my finance charge rate and doubled my minimum montly payment. I tried to reason with them to no avail and so I stopped making payments. They sent me a letter inviting me to contact them to discuss this and work out a solution that was satisfactory to all. I did so. I spoke to their agent, “merlin“, number “mp66622“. She said the apr would be rolled back, the monthly payment reduced, and I would not be...

Citi Cards / scam and cheating


Citi cards has misapplied my credit card payments for a year now. And despite furnishing proof they still haven't corrected the situation and there is noone to contact in their misapplied payments department. Customer service says something different everytime. Initially they told me to fax the misapplied payments department which I did 5 times, yet finally after 5 months I get a letter from the misapplied payments department reading "they understand I am disputing some payments, however they cannot proceed unless I provide copies of my checks". But I did that already 5 times. I even went to a citibank representative and he faxed my check copies as well. I suggest avoiding citi credit cards.

Citi Cards / beware


I had another frustrating experience with Citibank today. I am a student, I have a good credit score of 700+. I was so impressed with reviews of the mtvU card and convinced myself to apply. A week later I received a letter from Citibank that they need me to provide some documents for verification of enrolment, which I did. Another week later in the early hours, I received a call from one of the citicard representative, she asked me to send fax a copy of my university id card again. She inquired whether my id card has any barcode on it. I said no, and she convinced me to fax it anyhow. She ha...

Citi Cards / I will not do business with them anymore


I have had it with Citi Cards Dividend Platinum Select Master Card customer service. I overpaid my credit card balance by $2K and asked for refund on the surplus. The rep responded by saying the earliest date they can refund the money would be 10 to 30 days later which is totally unacceptable. This immediately shows that they want to keep my money on the card in hope that they won't have to refund it to me. So, as a grunted consumer, I asked for the supervisor and he said the same thing. I complaint that other credit card company can wire the surplus within 24 hours and why they cannot do...