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CinemaNow Complaints & Reviews

CinemaNow - California, Marina del Rey / No access

Aug 23, 2016

I had an account on CinemaNow website and had over 20 movies there. I loved this site in the past and actually wasted a lot of money on these movies. One day I wanted to watch something and went to my library, some movies just stopped working. Now I don't have an access to my library at all! When I want to enter my library is says server error. I contacted customer service many times and asked them to fix the problem, but they never did anything! I still can't watch my movies! This is absolutely terrible, wasted my money on something that I can't even use!

CinemaNow - New York, Queensbury / Theft

Jun 3, 2012

I had bought and paid for 13 movies and rented 6 movies starting in 11/2011 - 5/25/2012. i have been using the PlayStation 3 to order and watch the movies which has been good. untill i started to notice that movies have started to become "unavailable" now i have a total of 5 "unavailable" movies which i cant view anymore. I feel violated and victimized by there theft of my property people go to jail for things like this??? i have called ther customer support and was told that they sometimes do this to make more space for new movies and i came back and stated these are new releases like "the...

CinemaNow / Unauthorized charges


I had an unauthorized charge recently on my bank account and I have tried to contact this company by email and by phone which was IMPOSSIBLE. I would never go through this company. I also tried to sign in to the account to delete my credit card information that they somehow got a hold of and of course that is not possible through the website either. I'm afraid my only option is to call my bank and cancel my credit card which is very inconvenient since I pay most of my bills this way. I also will not be able to recoup the 29.95 that they already took.