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Aug 15, 2015

2 weeks ago I placed the order on the website I bought watch from the company. But after I paid and checked the information on the website, it suddenly showed that my order has been delivered. WTF? I started to send emails and questions to the seller, but this guy ignored all of them and didn’t provide details of the order. The status “delivered” remained the same. Please, help me to solve the problem and share this review, which might be very helpful. / Stay miles away from this website

Jun 25, 2012

Recently i order a watch and a watch bracelet remover from him. After i paid him the order process e-mail came and to my surprise it stated "Delivered" i was shocked how can it be delivered less than 1 minute after i paid him when i'm half the globe away from him. I than tried to contact him through his website.. No reply..after 2 days i told him that i will open a dispute in paypal against him if he do not get back to me. Still no reply.. And again to my surprise after i open dispute against him still no reply.. 2 days later paypal e-mailed me saying that the dispute has closed because he has refunded me.DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!