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China House Complaints & Reviews

China House / Customer service

Jul 23, 2016

China House 1900 Sycamore Road DeKalb, IL 60115 [protected] I visited China House today, July 23, 2016, and had one of the WORST experiences I've EVER had at ANY establishment. I actual visit this restaurant about twice per month. These Chinese people have NO REGARD and no care for treating customers with DIGNITY and RESPECT! Today, when my party asked to sit in a booth, the lady THREW the wrapped eating utensils on the table! I asked an employee for a new set of utensils because the waiter had taken mine with the dirty dishes; the guy grabbed the utensils and handed them to me by...

China House / rude and bad service

Apr 24, 2011

i will not order from this place again. i have been only for a yr now n i have noticed they like to over charge. on top of that they r rude. they also put taxes on there food on anything they sell. i ordered a week ago. n this is wat got to me. my hubby n i went down to get the food. we were only missing 10 cents we told him if he can let us pass by since we always order. the driver said no since we gave him no tip. we told him the reason why we give u no tip is bcuz everytime we order you stoled money from us. even if there was a $1 left they will not give it back. so we had to go home to get the 10cents bcuz he wouyld not leave with out them.