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Chilies Complaints & Reviews

Chilies - Florida, Crystal River / unethical behavior

Jun 10, 2017

On Thursday evening about 5 pm we went in to Chilies for dinner. All was well. When dinner was served we needed to order some more but server could not be reached and as he was passing I called out hay and he stopped.He came over to our table and stared to bawl me out. Do not call me hay as I have a name Jim. But that was not the end he just stood there bawling me out over and over. I actually was afraid of him. I am 79 and feel I did nothing wrong just calling out hay to get his attention. I think he must have mental problems to stand there bawling me out like that and I said I was sorry I...

Chilies - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / I'm complaining about the food

May 28, 2017

My boyfriend and I went to the chilies in south philadelphia on oregon ave. The worst!!! There's nothing good about this location. Not clean, service is terrible and we where told when we ordered our burgers "do you want it pink or not pink" really??? The waitress told us that the "cook" said "we don't do medium we do pink or not pink". Then one of the servers had all 3 of her children there (I guess she didn't have a sitter). Horrible!!! My family will never go to chilies ever again, that location ruined it for all your locations!!! You need to fix the problems or close it down!!!