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Child Support Enforcement Agency Complaints & Reviews

Child Support Enforcement Agency - Florida, Tampa / Orange county @ robisson st orlando fl

Nov 13, 2015

My name is Pedro Pagan My case # is 1291158081 . My depository # 48067014519 DR . My last court order was effective 06/2008 that I have a balance due $4800 which I have to pay $10 Extra from my regular child support payment $100 weekly . Since 2002 child support payment is being deducted directly from my paycheck since 2002. Since 2008 I being paying $110 including my extra to balance owe. As today November 2015 still owe $3202. I went in several occasion to the local office in Robinson St Orlando fl was treated as animal . staff member said to me they keep taking the money because I keep sent...

Child Support Enforcement Agency / Violating a court order


Upon unemployment, I received a letter from the local CSEA stating, "unless I come in to dispute the 40% deduction, this determination will be final." I went in a saw a worker who said, "ok, this will be taking care of." Since then, instead of my 70 a month deducted from my check, I have continuously been charged 440.00 a month!! Thats 7 times the court order! A caseworker saw the problem and told me, "someone at the csea office messed up." No ###! Now, I still unemployed with a huge chunk of my unemployment going to my son's mom who makes at least 95.000 as a director of Nursing! How can this agency go against a court order like this?