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Child support enforcement Complaints & Reviews

Child support enforcement - Florida, Naples / wrongful judgements and financial reporting

Aug 28, 2013

preliminary details: I have been paying child support for 13 years. Since May 2013 I moved from the USA back to Canada. -Both my children were getting into some real trouble, one of them is currently still in Federal court proceeding due to drug related charges. -My youngest is now 18 mid August and my oldest is 21; both out of school. My support agreement indicates support is paid until their 18th birthday or until finished school. -Since my move back my youngest whom moved out of her mom's house at age 16 is no longer with an abusive boyfriend and we have a restraining order in place; she...

Child support enforcement - Florida, Clearwater / Secor vs. Secor

Jan 19, 2012

This is a Child Support Modification between Ca & Fla. I filed it in Nov 2008!! Florida has continued the case two times. Over three years to modification a child support case is appalling!!! This is a mismanagement of government agencies who should be looking out for the well-being of the children not protecting a deadbeat dad with a lawyer!!!

Child support enforcement - Georgia, Covington / Interstate arrearages dispute


In 1994 I was divorced in GA and orderd to pay child support.I got behind on payments when In 1995 I moved to TN. GA sent papers ordering TN to modify the child support payments.TN did as ordered, lowered my payments based on my income, garnished my paycheck, set up a repayment plan for the $3000 in arrearages and I paid my child support as TN ordered until my child turned 18. My taxes were offset for the $3000 in arrearges I owed as well in addition to asmall amount coming out of my paycheck weekely going towards that.GA kept sending me notices over the years that my taxes were offset for...

Child support enforcement - Georgia / I want child support!


My sons father, Jeffery Jerome Coney, refuses to support his son. He owes over 30, 000 in arrears! However, the government has created a way to protect deadbeat parents now. If they claim to be unemployed it is taking at their word. In the meantime, the custodial parent continues to struggle to provide for the child. It isn't strange if, I didn't provide for my child when he ( an adult now) was younger I would be in jail. Jeffery is working in Georgia. He has fathered another child where he decided to live with the mom to avoid childsupport issues again. My son need his arreage to finish college, buy a more dependable vehicle and get a health insurance policy.