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chicken Complaints & Reviews

chicken / rudeness/customer service

Jun 11, 2015

churchs very nice place but the person that was working there on that day was very rude and ugly she was telling myself and other customer that she was not cooking anymore chicken until all the breast was gone there was a better way to explain why she was out of wings and also she let the ustomers know that people like me always want the 2pc mixed in wing and thighs there was no specific parts on the advertisement on the window please get in touch with that location to get her out of there when I took the chicken back in from the drive thru she approach me as what is it now please get in touch...

chicken / ignored

Jan 31, 2015

I went to the churches chicken pn five palms sa tx ive been atleast fpur times and they always refuse to make spicy chicken i went yesterday and told manager i would wait but they said oh well we dont have any it was 2in the afyernoom .i asked for managers name so i can complain they wouldnt tell me or even open the window at drive thru i felt like a jackass !plz change this the next churches is to far thank you