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Cherry Moon Farms Complaints & Reviews

Cherry Moon Farms / Scam


I ordered a product off the Cherry Moon website, and at the very end clicked on a banner that asked if I wanted $15 off my next order. As it turns out, there is a very detailed agreement that is shown (in extremely small type) that indicates the consumer will be charged $12/month, automatically billed against the credit card used for the purchase. This is a very unethical practice, as evidenced by a similar "scam" by WebLoyalty Inc, who recently lost a class action suit and is paying back the monthy charges that often go unnoticed (just do a google search). I contacted Cherry Moon and they...

Cherry Moon Farms - California, San Diego / Bad business practice


When completing an online order for a gift, a message box popped up telling me that I could immediately take advantage of a $10 discount if I placed another order with Cherry Moon Farms. When I clicked okay, I was told in prominent text that all I needed to do to take advantage of the discount was to enter my email address and zip code. However, I only noticed after clicking OK that in very small print, in light gray text, that I was "authorizing" Cherry Moon Farms to pass along my credit card information to, who would charge me a $1.95 fee to use the "discount" and would then...