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Cheddar's Restaurant / Augusta GA Complaints & Reviews

Cheddar's Restaurant / Augusta GA / Racism & mistreating new employees

May 17, 2013

Horrible restaurant!! The worst & most unprofessional food chain, that I've ever worked for!! The managers routinely blame employees for their incompetence. On 5/17/13 The new manager (Matt) kept messing up all of the customers' orders, and had to practically give away free food- during the whole lunch service, and this incompetent behavior on the part of managers & veteran employees- happens a lot! The restaurant constantly fail health inspections (because employees refuse to wash their hands when they should), and the managers & staff all enforce racial discrimination...

Cheddar's Restaurant / Augusta GA / Consumer Complaints for Cheddar's

May 01, 2013

We went to Cheddar's with a party of five with one being in a wheelchair. We were told that they only have two tables that could accommodate a party of five with one in a wheelchair. We were then told that our wait would be considerably longer because we had a disabled customer, and that the manager doesn’t like to serve minorities or disabled customers!! So we cancelled the reservation and chose to eat somewhere else!