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Cheapest Software Anywhere Complaints & Reviews

Cheapest Software Anywhere / selling illegal copies of software


Bought Rosetta Stone software. Website mentioned they would send all the materials to activate including key codes/authorization codes. Never received them after numerous email requests and only received rude replies from their so called tech support. The software that I received WILL NOT allow me to activate the full version without the authoriztion codes. No problem though...I've disputed the charges and will get a full refund. I'm sure ole Jay is getting alot of that! It's just a matter of time before he's shut down and thrown in jail.

Cheapest Software Anywhere / Praise, not complaining


I've just got to say that this company has helped me out tremendously. I work in a third world country teaching English and nobody will ship anyhing here. The folks at Cheapest Software Anywhere will ship to me though. I have purchased seven products from them. The software calls home, updates, and functions flawlessly. If it weren't for these folks I would not be able to do my job. Moreover my rich boss scoffs at the fact that that I have the most trendy and up to date software because I am a, "spoiled American." In closing, if you want to pay full price go to Big Buys or wherever...

Cheapest Software Anywhere / Fraud and cheating


I recently bought Quickbooks from these folk and I called Quickbooks to register and they said it was counterfeit. When I approached the above company about this they gave me some mumbo jumbo stating that I am supposed to call them for support. I then asked for my money back since this is an ILLEGAL copy and they said that they will not give it back in so many words. Very bad company and please do not do business with them.