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Champion Communications Complaints & Reviews

Champion Communications - Florida, Weston / Telephone Charge

May 5, 2011

On 04/27/2011 I recieved a bill from champion communications, weston fl. It read that I owed $104.85 for services on 03/08/2011 at 21:25 called 900-950-2008 duration 01:00 description web access net due $34.95, on 03/08/2011 at 21:28 called 900-950-2008 duration 01:00 description web access net due $34.95 and on 03/09/2011 at 02:00 called 900-950-2008 duration 01:00 description web access net due $34.95 for a total owed $104.85. I found that this company is fraudulent. I have noticed better business bureau in florida about this company. Please do not pay this company any money.

Champion Communications - Florida, Weston / Fraudulent telephone bills


I work in the Accounting department for a Law Firm in Michigan. On 9/7/10 we received 5 invoices from this company Champion Communications dated back to 6/19/2010 and totaling $1, 127.15. Supposedly the charges are for buying internet games yet traced back to our phone numbers. This information came from "Vanessa" who answered the phone for the number listed on the invoice. She firmly stated that Champion Communications has traced these charges back to our phone numbers using the same system that 911 uses to trace calls and that they belong to us. The billing information on the invoices i...

Champion Communications - Florida, Weston / Fraudulent Charge


I received a $15.00 bill for "web service." I called to inquire what the charge was for and the agent replied that it was for access to "a web site." When I asked him to specify the web site he became belligerent and couldn't tell me exactly what it was for. Finally, he said he was cancelling this phantom service & the bill. I have received 3 subsequent bills and called again. I got a similar answer the second time... I was being billed for a "web service" BUT there was no way that they would cancel the bill. In order for me to dispute this bill I would have to send a snail mail letter to "officially dispute" the charge. This is insane! A bill for a service which they can't name!

Champion Communications - Florida, Weston / 900 Phone Chargesw


I filed the following consumer complaint with Attorney Generals Office in OK and FL and BBB so far. I am filing a consumer complaint against Champion Communications, a Weston Florida based Communications Company and . is an online baby simulation game for girls where children are encouraged to “create a virtual baby and then play, feed, dress, and see to their wellness.” Great! The problem is that when my twelve year old daughter went to the “marketplace” to buy things for her baby, like clothing and magical willow sap, the number one choice...

Champion Communications / Scam charges


We received a fraudulent bill from Champion Communications Final Notice invoice dated 3/5/09 for $219.53 and we have NEVER used them nor do we have a contract with them. I did call the Customer Service number of 800-43... and Juan answered and I asked why we received the fraudulent bill. Juan asked for the account number on the invoice and I advised him of the phone number used as an account number. Juan then asked for my first and last name for verification of the account. I replied 'since we do not now nor have we ever had an account with you, my information is not relevant. What i...