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CETN Investigations Complaints & Reviews

CETN Investigations / private investigation

Feb 17, 2018

This company is controlled by graham bunten - he has ripped me off and I am not happy! He uses a variety of different names and company names in order to run his scams. There are many complaints about this firm on many different sites - all saying the same thing! At the moment, he is using cetn investigations as his front but no doubt will change that name soon. Beware people - he wil rip you off - he has cost me over £ 2, 000 and I will be chasing this matter with trading standards and the police - if you are in the same position, report him to kent police - he is based in ashford, kent and I have his home address if you need it - just contact me.

CETN Investigations / private investigator

Jan 26, 2018

CETN Investigations - CETN Investigates - CETN Investigate - GB Investigates - VM Investigates - all the same company will all the same lies and deceit. I was completely ripped off by this lot and sadly, I didn't see the many complaints about them beforehand. There have been hundreds of Trading Standards complaints and Advertising complaints due to their misrepresentation and false claims. I lost hundreds of pounds and that seems to be just the tip of the iceberg with this lot. Th man behind this scam is Graham Bunten - he uses a variety of fake names in, what can only be described as an...

CETN Investigations / private investigation

Jan 15, 2018

Cetn Investigations - GB Investigates - VM Investigates - all the same company and all controlled by the same con man! Graham Bunten and his wife are behind this little enterprise - read the reviews of gb investigate for more details. He has been scamming many people with his false promises and there are pages of complaints against him and his firms.