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Ceridian Cobra services Complaints & Reviews

Ceridian Cobra services / Failure to provide payment & eligibility

Jul 2, 2014

I elected COBRA dental insurance and started making payments to Ceridian COBRA in April 2014. I saw the dentist in June 2014 and later received an EOB stating I didn't have insurance coverage. I confirmed the information with my dental insurance provider. I called Ceridian and the Ceridian representative initially said they had not notified by dental insurance provider about my payments over the past 4 months. When I asked for a supervisor or the supervisor's supervisor to understand why they had not communicated the information or the payment during the past 4 months, the person...

Ceridian Cobra services - California, Ventura / termination of coverage


I have been laidoff since March of 2009, and was given a severance package which includes health care from Ceridian Cobra Services, All started off with issues and problems got that fixed and now as of Oct 27th 09 they have cancelled our coverage for a simple situation of how the government handles the mail and how they recieve it. They have cancelled our coverage for being late on paying the payment they say if it was not post marked by the 15th then coverage will be terminated and a refund for payment will be sent out. The situation of all of this is My wife has to have 5 medications to...