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Central Credit Services Complaints & Reviews

Central Credit Services / Scam and cheating


2 messages were on my house phone yesterday when I got home from work. Scott Edwards from Central Credit ServicesCentral Credit Services said it was extremely important that I call him right back. He said unless I pay $7346.90 he will proceed in garnishing my wages and loosing my house. I told him I have no money and he said yes you do. I said where and he began reading me my credit report and knows I have money. He was talking about the balance of my credit cards and said I have to call my credit card companies first thing this morning and let them know I approve of large quanties being...

Central Credit Services - Missouri, st charles / harrassing phone calls


Central Credit Services keeps calling my cell phone looking for a Mathew Ewing to resolve an outstanding debt. I have repeatedly told them that I am not the person nor do I know who this is and to stop calling me. I spoke with a supervisor the last time and the calls stopped for a while, but have resumed again the last few days. The phone numbers they care calling from are as follows: 636-634-2864, 800-403-8370, 888-866-6484 referencing their file number 4316470 for full disclosure. I have had this same work cell phone number for 12 years, but they insist that my cell phone is a vailid number...