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Ze is a complete scam. Forget local and state legal action, according to the FTC they are under investigation for interstate fraud. My iPhone was received by them on 7/15/10 and accepted on 7/29/10. No check yet. I have submitted numerous inquiries through their website as well as emailed the CEO, Mike Mosieur, at both addresses he's listed on this board. No response! Don't send your phone to them until they get every complaint settled...which will probably be never. - Florida, Ocala / Did not get paid


Transaction #369893 My story is the same as so many others. accepted my phone in November 2009. I almost forgot about it. I emailed them in June and their customer service promised to forward my request to accounting for processing. I don't hear anything else. I email them again this week and they reply that the matter has been referred to accounting and there is no update. If Mike Mosieur, the CEO, is still reading this complaints board, please process my payment! - New York / NON PAYMENT OF VERIFIED PHONE


To Mr. Mosieur &, My order id is 372321 I have used in the past multiple times without any issues. My check should have been issued on 03/05/2010 as per your payment policy. My phone was verified 01/19/2010. My biggest issue is the lack of response from your company and being forced to post on a forum in hopes of receiving a response and my payment. Your automated response email upon submitting a transaction states: I encourage you to contact me should you have any questions, comments, suggestions or if you just need some additional information. Please email all... - Florida, Ocala / Non Payment, Goods Recieved


I sent two orders in and received verification from Andrew that they were in fact received in October and November of 2009. In december Andrew said that I was set for payment, but I never received a check! Both orders totalled over $4, 000. After numerous calls and e-mails, I was finally able to reach Mike Mosieur in January, 2010. He said that they had experienced many challenges, but assured me payment within 25-30 days. Now that more than 60 days has past, he can't be reached. The 800# will only accept messages and the Customer Service Department will no longer respond to my e-mails. I... - Florida, Ocala / Never got paid


I am in the same boat as all the other people complaining about I sent my phone in and never got paid. I have tried calling and e-mailing the company, but they do not respond. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau but RMS Communications will not cooperate with them either. The Federal Trade Commission is also investigating them. A local television station here in Sacramento, California is running a story on their company and the fact that people are not getting paid. My transaction number is 369626 and I am owed $33.00. I will continue to pursue justice. I, too, e-mailed Mike Mosieur in hopes that he would make things right. He did not. - Florida / Non Payment


Company advertises for old cellphones. They will assess your old cellphone once you mail it to them and then pay you an agreed upon amount for recycling. I sent an Ericsson P900 and was told I would receive $29.00 once they had processed it (checked to see if it was in good working condition). They received my phone and inspected it. That shows on their website, but they have not sent me a check for the phone. This looks to be a scam. I am surprised it is not out there as a scam on this site already. I contacted BBB and they received no response to their inquiry. The company has been listed with them as well. They have a bunch of other internet names listed on this website.